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Test automation in CI/CD pipelines

Beth Glenfield, Margot Lepizzera
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Testing new versions of applications in CI/CD pipelines is critical to ensure the latest code changes do not introduce regressions into your production environment. Datadog Synthetic tests allow you to keep track of the health and performance of your application by simulating user requests on key API endpoints and business transactions. They can be used to monitor production as well as to test new versions of your applications directly from CI/CD pipelines. Using a single test suite, you can therefore minimize user-facing application bugs thanks to a comprehensive testing and monitoring strategy.

In this workshop, you’ll focus on learning how to incorporate Datadog Synthetic tests into a CI/CD pipeline to automatically block production releases that contain user interface bugs. This workshop is primarily intended for DevOps, developers, and release engineers. QA, UX, and product engineers would also likely benefit from this workshop.

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