by Datadog


SRE in Practice: From Zero to SLO

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Date & Location

June 25 | 10:00 AM EDT | Room 411

In this workshop, we will take a largely unmonitored microservices application and walk through the necessary steps an SRE team can use to measure performance and establish service level objectives (SLOs) in order to understand how to improve the reliability of their services.   You will learn how to:  

  •  Gain first insights into a complex application using only logs 
  •  Expand those insights by instrumenting the application and visualizing the resulting traces with Datadog APM  
  • Set up actionable alerting and understand the important difference between alerting and paging to fight alert fatigue  
  • Understand critical user journeys, identify service level indicators, and set up SLOs that help an organization successfully balance development velocity with reliability  
  • Use Datadog’s Case Management and Incident Management products to successfully navigate issues in distributed teams

by Datadog