by Datadog


Securing Cloud-Native Infrastructure: A Journey Through the Attacker Lifecycle

Skill level
October 18
10:00AM EDT

Cloud infrastructure is often comprised of hosts, containers, managed cloud services, and resources like blob storage, users and roles, and the cloud control plane. To effectively secure cloud infrastructure, it’s critical to understand the relationships between all these components and correlate information from a variety of sources. Information about the state of resources, coupled with detection of suspicious and anomalous activity within those resources, is key to discovering exploited misconfigurations.

In this workshop, you will learn by acting as both attacker and defender. First, you will attack your infrastructure using the latest popular attack vectors for cloud environments. Then, you will detect and respond to your attack by leveraging Datadog Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Cloud Workload Security (CWS) to capture the entire attacker lifecycle. Along the way, you will pick up strategies for triaging and investigating cloud-native attacks, and learn best practices for securing cloud infrastructure and detecting attacks. You will also learn how to defend your own cloud environments against common attack scenarios.

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