by Datadog

Reducing MTTR with Log Management

July 16, 2019

09:30 AM — 12:30 PM
01:30 PM — 04:30 PM

Location: Pier 60, Aquitania West


Pierre Guceski

Technical Writer | Datadog

Gaining insights into application behavior by combining metrics, tracing, and logs can help you reduce mean time to detection and resolution of operational incidents, allowing you to address issues before your users notice service impact. With the help of hands-on labs, this workshop will take attendees from beginner to expert in log management with Datadog. Participants will walk through best practices for log collection and processing, and then dive into scenarios that will build experience with troubleshooting and monitoring techniques. Attendees will leave with hands-on experience with logging, plus strategies that will provide insights into application behavior and user experiences.

Note: You must have a seat reserved in order to participate. We are already at capacity and encourage you to check out the other activities we have scheduled!

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