by Datadog

Pinpointing Microservice Bottlenecks in Python with Datadog APM

July 16, 2019


Brett Langdon

Engineering Team Lead, APM | Datadog

As software moves to microservices and containers, the need for better tooling to debug our systems grows.

In this workshop, we'll introduce distributed tracing as a method to gain visibility and insight into these distributed applications.

Traces allow us to see units of work, as they pass across our subsystems. By incorporating traces with logs and metrics, we can see performance bottlenecks, verify legacy system changes, and deploy confidently into complex environments.

We'll instrument a few Python microservices with the Datadog Agent, and see how distributed traces can be used in the real world, to get better insight into the health of your systems.

Note: You must reserve a seat in order to participate. Stay tuned for details on how to reserve your seat in advance.

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