by Datadog

Monitoring Your Kubernetes Cluster with Datadog

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June 25 | 10:00 AM EDT | TBD

Every day, new companies adopt Kubernetes and increase the number of production workloads that they are running on top of the orchestrator. For their platform teams, learning how to successfully monitor Kubernetes and identify potential issues becomes critical.

In this hands-on workshop, you will use the Datadog Operator to deploy the Datadog Agent and Cluster Agent in a Kubernetes environment. You will learn how to use Datadog’s Live Containers, Live Processes, and Kubernetes views to understand, visualize, and troubleshoot the state of your cluster. You will also learn the key metrics to pay attention to when operating Kubernetes and how to create monitors for them. Using simulated outages, you will learn to identify issues in a cluster, find the root causes, remediate them, and get the cluster back to a working state.

by Datadog