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Monitoring CI Pipelines and Tests with CI Visibility

Bryan Lee

Bryan Lee

Product Manager | Datadog

Skill level
November 2
12:30 PM EDT / 17:30 CET
Additional Requirements
Note this workshop is not hands-on. As a result there is no cap on registration and no cost associated with attending.

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The heart of modern development organizations is their Continuous Integration (CI) system. Yet, as observability of live environments has progressed leaps and bounds, visibility into the pipelines and tests of CI has stagnated. Datadog’s new suite of tools within CI Visibility gives build engineering teams and developers the insight necessary to debug complex pipelines and tests as well as the historical lens necessary to identify performance regressions and identify high-leverage points for optimization.

In this workshop you will learn how to manage Flaky Tests, get full end-to-end visibility of your pipelines and tests, track the historical performance of your pipelines and tests, and create powerful custom dashboards and monitors using your CI data.

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