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Monitoring and Testing Internal Services with Synthetics Private Locations

Cosme Sevestre

Cosme Sevestre

Product Lead | Datadog

Skill level
November 2
11:00 AM EDT / 16:00 CET
Additional Requirements
Note this workshop is not hands-on. As a result there is no cap on registration and no cost associated with attending.

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Monitoring the uptime and performance of internal applications is critical to ensure your teams are able to perform their daily jobs effectively. Because external third party services cannot usually reach environments that sit within your company’s network, monitoring these applications can often prove challenging. Datadog Synthetic Private Locations allow you to monitor internal-facing applications and any private URLs not accessible from the public internet. With Private Locations, you can create custom locations in mission-critical areas of your business, verify application performance in your internal testing environment using Synthetic CI/CD Testing, and compare the application performance from both inside and outside your internal network.

In this workshop, you will learn how to deploy Private Locations to your environments. You’ll then see how to run Synthetic tests on any internal application or private url using Private Locations, how to monitor containers by keeping track of the health of the Private Locations, and how to dimension, scale, and load test the Private locations. This workshop is primarily intended for SRE, Engineering Team Leads, Full Stack Engineers, DevOps Engineers.

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