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Monitoring Modern Applications with Datadog in Microsoft Azure

When using Microsoft Azure to host your applications and workloads, it’s important to know how to keep track of what’s going on and what to do if things go wrong in the middle of the night. Datadog offers the ability to monitor modern applications in Azure and gives you the information you need to take action when things go wrong (or right!).

Join us for this challenge-based workshop where you will learn how you can use Datadog to keep an eye on your Azure environment. Working in groups of three to five people, you will get hands-on experience with Datadog by solving technical challenges using a sample application environment in Azure. Working with different types of applications, you will explore how to use Datadog to set up alerts, activity log collection, application tracing, and dashboards.

You will leave this workshop with a solid understanding of how you can integrate Datadog into your Azure environment. And, you will learn how to understand and identify which metrics, traces, logs, and business indicators from your own services are key for monitoring your Azure-hosted applications.

This workshop is sponsored by Microsoft Azure.

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