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Measuring Core Web Vitals in Production

Ben Michel

Ben Michel

Technical Evangelist | Datadog

Skill level
November 5
1:00 PM EDT / 18:00 CET
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Core Web Vitals (CWVs) have become the standard measurement of UX quality and search engine ranking across the web. CWVs are central to monitoring an application’s frontend performance in production, and they can also provide crucial insight into the user experience.

After attending this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental set of CWVs that measure loading performance, time to interactivity, and visual stability.
  • Recognize how CWVs can help you deliver a positive experience to your users while advancing your key business objectives.
  • Monitor standard CWVs for a web application with Datadog.
  • Locate and mitigate issues that create poor CWV scores and verify their resolution with Real User Monitoring.
  • Set up automated alerts to notify your team if a CWV score falls below an acceptable threshold.

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