by Datadog

Kubernetes Deep Dive: Catching and Preventing Failures

July 16, 2019


Rob Boll

Compute Lead | Datadog


Laurent Bernaille

Staff Engineer | Datadog

The Datadog engineering team has spent the last year running our production platforms and systems on Kubernetes. We have built up a wealth of knowledge about how it runs, how it fails, and how to troubleshoot all of the issues we never expected. The key to our success is great monitoring, and that includes getting tremendous insight from our logs.

In this interactive workshop, Datadog’s Compute Engineering team will show you how to use logs in conjunction with metrics to get full observability into your Kubernetes cluster. You’ll instrument a sandbox Kubernetes cluster and setup audit logging with Datadog. You will then use the Datadog Logs toolset to take action from raw data.

This session is ideal for anyone looking to accelerate their Kubernetes journey, and even advanced users can become more productive with their Kubernetes clusters.

Note: You must reserve a seat in order to participate. Stay tuned for details on how to reserve your seat in advance.

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