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by Datadog

How to Efficiently Monitor Docker Enterprise Using Datadog

July 16, 2019

01:30 PM — 04:30 PM

Location: Pier 60, Aquitania East


Derrick Miller

Senior Solutions Engineer | Docker

Docker Enterprise, the only independent, secure, enterprise-grade container platform to build, share, and run any application, anywhere. As enterprises face challenges on outages, security threats, governance, etc. successful integration of a monitoring and logging tool is key to healthy applications and infrastructure. Such a tool may be used to ensure both Docker Enterprise, and its hosted applications, are monitored effectively to either preemptively take corrective actions, or discover root cause post incident.

In this workshop sponsored by Docker, attendees will get hands-on experience to install and configure Docker Enterprise (including Docker Engine, Universal Control Plane and Docker Trusted Registry), an overview of Swarm and Kubernetes orchestration, deploying a sample application with both orchestrators, and monitoring the platform using Datadog.

Note: You must have a seat reserved in order to participate. We are already at capacity and encourage you to check out the other activities we have scheduled!

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