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Building & Monitoring Production-Ready Serverless Applications

Alex Cuoci

Alex Cuoci

Product Manager | Datadog

Maxime David

Maxime David

Senior Software Engineer | Datadog

Skill level
October 29
9:00 AM EDT / 15:00 CEST
November 2
1:00 PM EDT / 18:00 CET
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Building your applications on serverless allows your organization to move fast and focus on delivering value to your customers. But what does observability and operations look like when much of the infrastructure is abstracted away? In this course, designed for beginners to serverless and AWS Lambda, we’ll build a Node.js-based microservice with AWS Lambda.

Attendees will learn how to build serverless microservices, automate deployments, and gain observability into your applications by combining custom business metrics, traces, and logs in Datadog. You’ll leave this workshop with the confidence and tools you need to build your first production-ready serverless applications.

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