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Azure Datadog Integration for Monitoring Your Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid Workloads (Sponsored by Microsoft)

Sreekanth Thirthala Venkata

Sreekanth Thirthala Venkata

Principal Program Manager | Microsoft

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November 1
12:00 PM EDT / 17:00 CET
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Microsoft Azure enables customers to migrate and modernize their applications to run in the cloud, in coordination with many partner solutions. One such partner is Datadog, which provides observability and security tools for users to understand the health and performance of their applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

With the new Azure integration with Datadog, organizations can now fully map their legacy and cloud-based systems, monitoring real-time data during every phase of the cloud transition, and ensure that migrated applications meet performance targets. This integration combines Azure’s global presence, flexibility, security, and compliance with Datadog’s logging and monitoring capabilities to create the best experience for enterprises.

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