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by Datadog

When Bad Architectures Happen To Good People: Migrating Legacy Systems To Serverless

July 17, 2019


Location: Pier 59, Current


Forrest Brazeal

Sr. Cloud Architect | Trek10

You've heard the serverless hype by now: lower TCO and time to market, based on owning less infrastructure and focusing on business value. Sounds great for new projects, but can serverless make sense in large, complex enterprises with lots of legacy systems and processes?

In this talk, we'll dive into battle-tested strategies and design patterns used by real organizations migrating to serverless:

  • "Strangling" legacy databases with cloud-native services
  • The appropriate use of event sourcing
  • Identifying what pieces of your application to refactor/rearchitect, and which to replatform as part of a serverless migration

We'll also look at when containers make sense as opposed to functions, and spend some time discussing the most difficult part of an enterprise IT transformation: the human factor. At the end of this session, you'll know where opportunities to add value with serverless may be lurking inside your organization, and understand how to enable your team to take advantage of them.

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