by Datadog


Wealthsimple's Quest to Connect Teams with Kafka

Elénie Godzaridis

Elénie Godzaridis

Engineering Manager | Wealthsimple

October 19
4:20PM EDT
Room 410

As Wealthsimple scaled, we migrated to a microservices architecture. Later, we adopted Kafka in order to decouple communication between our services. However, when we began using Kafka, operational issues were rampant, to the point where we had several production incidents per week.

In this presentation, I’ll share the challenges we faced and lessons we learned while transforming from a team of two engineers overloaded with tickets into an organization with a reliable Kafka-based platform that developers can easily plug their services into to filter, process, and share information. You’ll learn about the tools we built and the processes we created (as well as mistakes to avoid), so you too achieve success with Kafka at scale in your organization.