by Datadog


The Road to a New Architecture: Cinch’s Journey to Serverless

Apostolis Apostolidis

Apostolis Apostolidis

Principal Engineer | cinch

cinch is a UK-based car buying platform that takes the faff out of finding, buying and owning a used car. In scaling the business to a direct-to-consumer model, we took the opportunity in 2020 to move to serverless architecture, restructure our team and shift our culture towards an observability mindset. We applied the ‘Inverse Conway’s Law manoeuvre’ to design an organisation that could create a software system we could iterate over frequently, and with confidence.

We will share our journey of challenges and incremental wins; as we equipped and enabled our engineering teams to live closer to production and become comfortable with our product systems and the telemetry data they emit. From the very start, we had observability principles at the heart of our engineering principles and practices.

By the end of the talk, you will have learned about our Cloud observability journey, what impact it had on our outcomes and how you might apply a similar approach to scale your organisation.