by Datadog


Identifying bottlenecks during times of high load is critical to building a scalable software platform. Stress testing is one way to simulate high load on a system and allows you to proactively capture potential bottlenecks before they impact customers. Once a solution is implemented to address the bottleneck, you need a way to measure success and find a new limit. See how HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP) has developed a stress testing framework which heavily relies on Datadog’s custom metric capabilities in combination with some out of the box integrations to give HCP engineers a comprehensive view of their platform and how they used these insights to scale their concurrent data-plane provisioning by 300%.

Alex Munda and Janet Kenmotsu will provide an overview of how they scaled HashiCorp Cloud Platform’s concurrent data-plane infrastructure provisioning by 300%. They will touch on how Datadog’s Nomad integration and custom metrics for Terraform runs and other critical workflows combine in the form of a Datadog dashboard to give HCP engineers a full view of their distributed system. Alex and Janet will also describe how they stress tested their services (hint: Terraform) and leveraged the data to identify bottlenecks and iterate on a scalable solution.