by Datadog


Observability Beyond the Datacenter: Bringing Observability to the Edge in Restaurants

Yum Brands is the world’s largest restaurant company, with 54,000 restaurants across 150 countries. Each of these restaurants has a number of network-connected devices critical to keeping the business running. Some of these devices connect with each other on closed networks that sync up with the cloud periodically when docked. Others are physically networked and online 100 percent of the time. Given the diversity of devices, configurations, and connectivity options, how do you effectively design for observability across all of them at global scale?

In this session, we will share the story of how Yum brought observability to the edge, improving their visibility into the state of all of Yum’s restaurants across the world. He’ll share how he’s leveraged log-based metrics, log archiving, and log rehydration to gain real-time insights to the state of restaurants at scale. We will leave you with ideas for how to improve the systems that are normally beyond the reach of instrumentation.