by Datadog


Managing Service Availability and Data Performance at Komatsu

Raghu Balam

Raghu Balam

Cloud Integration Engineer | Komatsu

Komatsu has a wide variety of stakeholders with different technical abilities that need to monitor our interdependent systems. Our dashboards help us see the big picture of all applications on our platform and drill down into individual areas.

We make user-friendly “traffic lights” dashboards to focus on core metrics like availability, response time, and latency. The visibility of the health of our overall platform and systems helps us provide reliable and timely services and insights to our global customers.

In this session, Komatsu’s Cloud Integration Engineer, Raghu Balam, will discuss the considerations for making dashboards with Datadog for less technical stakeholders and the importance of tailoring your visualizations to specific audiences. Raghu will also present Datadog’s applications that have been most useful to maintaining healthy data warehouses.