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by Datadog

Lead Lead and Not Lead Follow

July 17, 2019


Location: Pier 60, Oceanic


Blake Scrivner

Director of Site Reliability Engineering | Zendesk

Zendesk started in a loft located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today, it has over 700 engineers around the globe building products to help over 145,000 customers efficiently manage support. With rapid growth comes new challenges. How can a company successfully scale an organization quickly without slowing down or losing alignment? How do you keep smart, talented people passionate and engaged? How do you keep folks focused on the correct things that will bring the biggest impact to the business?

This talk will focus on some of those organization challenges and how individual teams, and Zendesk as a whole, are addressing those challenges. From maintaining cross-organizational alignment, prioritizing efforts, and driving cross-functional work to removing bottlenecks, and empowering individuals to be leaders, this talk will go over the benefits of building and being part of an organization made up of leaders. We’ll cover how to develop and foster a culture where everyone is empowered to decide and act on what’s best for the company. You will learn techniques on how to plan work, maintain alignment across the company, gain commitments on cross-functional projects, and get the best out of your co-workers while keeping them focused on what's important and feeling satisfied.

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