by Datadog


How to Build a Digital Bank in Just 6 months: Tyme Scaling Story

In 2019, Tyme was born as a challenger bank focused on emerging markets, with a mission of greater financial inclusion. Three years later, it has over five million customers located in different countries.

Success in one country is never guaranteed in another. As such, how do you ensure that whatever you get right in one country is effectively transferred to another? How can we build and train a full new engineering team and ensure they are following the same engineering best practices?

In this talk, Hai Bui and Cobus Frey will share how they iterated on their engineering practices to address exponential growth and scaling challenges while serving multiple countries. They will explain how setting the right development platform and the right observability strategy from the very beginning helped them quickly onboard new teams in different countries, allowing them to reach their goal: building a new digital bank in just six months.