by Datadog


How Hacking the Cloud Drives Datadog Detections

This session has been postponed.

Cloud threat detection is a new concept for cybersecurity and DevOps teams. As more companies shift operations to the cloud, threat actors and cybercriminals shift with them. Within cloud environments, the shared responsibility model asserts that companies operating on these platforms must protect their own systems, data, and assets. Traditional endpoint and network-based security detection methodologies do not translate directly to cloud environments, so security teams must change their strategies as well.

At Datadog, our security researchers and practitioners constantly evaluate the threat landscape for new and emerging attack trends, methodologies, and vulnerabilities. Our Security Labs team has created scalable, repeatable, and effective cloud threat detection strategies that help protect Datadog and its customers. In this session, Zack and Nick will share how Datadog approaches cloud threat detection, from tracking threat actors and uncovering vulnerabilities to writing, deploying, and improving detection rules across our customer base. Attendees will gain an understanding of how they can approach finding threats in their own cloud environments, and they will learn a few lessons from the mistakes we have made as we’ve grown this effort out.