by Datadog


FinOps and Cloud Cost Optimization

Yuval Yogev

Yuval Yogev

Chief Architect | Sygnia

October 19
5:15PM EDT
Room 402

As organizations increasingly use cloud services, cloud costs are becoming a significant component in their financial health. This has attracted a lot of attention to the concepts of FinOps and cloud cost optimization. Successfully scaling a company heavily relies on its ability to manage and optimize its cloud spending.

In this talk, I will take you through Sygnia’s optimization journey, which resulted in a 50 percent reduction in our AWS costs. We’ll take a deep technical dive into the world of cloud cost optimization with concrete and practical solutions. I will share real screenshots from the process at Sygnia, and I’ll provide insights I developed over the years into optimizing costs across the most popular AWS services. You’ll come away with key takeaways that you can apply to your own organization’s cloud usage.