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End-to-end Ownership Doesn’t Mean Being Alone: The Evolution of Delivering Software at Klarna

Guilherme Xavier

Guilherme Xavier

Senior Site Reliability Engineer | Klarna

Klarna is the leading global payments and shopping service, providing smarter and more flexible shopping and purchase experiences to 90 million active consumers across more than 250,000 merchants in 17 countries. From the user’s point of view it is an easy to use application, but from the eyes of the government it is a bank, and, as such, needs to comply with regulatory requirements imposed by the authorities.

As a customer obsessed organization, we want our teams to deliver features as fast as possible; Therefore, teams need to develop, deploy, and operate their services in a fast-paced environment to provide the users with the best experience. Furthermore, all these services, owned by several different teams, need to comply with all the aforementioned regulations. How can we continuously deliver our services without slowing down our teams and without risking losing our bank license?

In this talk we will describe how Klarna designed and implemented a delivery platform to abstract the complexities of code delivery across multiple regions and clouds while ensuring all code and infrastructure deployed to production was compliant with all regulations. We will talk about how the SRE teams - owning this delivery platform - have been collaborating with the engineering and product teams to work on the design and implementation of this new delivery model, and how having an observability-first mindset since the beginning was key for this project to be successful.

By the end of the talk you will be able to understand how having a well tested and monitored delivery platform can help your teams deliver new features, without compromising security and velocity.