by Datadog


Building Effective Cross-Functional SRE Teams

Payam Azadi

Payam Azadi

Engineering Director | The New York Times

October 19
5:15PM EDT
Room 406

While many companies have embraced the SRE mindset of applying software engineering principles to traditional ops work, they may still operate with “dev” and “ops” as separate divisions, which doesn’t enable them to work together effectively. In this presentation, Payam Azadi will talk about culture (behaviors incentivized), program management and communication strategy, and hiring strategy/organizational development techniques that helped cross-functional teams work more closely together at The New York Times. He’ll share how he structured successful engagements with application engineering teams and created positive momentum in DevSecOps—and also touch on common pitfalls to avoid.

This talk will cover plenty in terms of the technical, but it will also show you how to tackle other challenges, such as getting partners and the broader organization as a whole to see the value of the work, and sign on to working on these initiatives together. You’ll leave feeling further empowered to deliver initiatives that improve workflows and build a more collaborative work environment.