by Datadog


Building a Multi-Tenant Insurance Platform

Hylke Alons

Hylke Alons

Technical Director | Coverwallet

October 19
5:15PM EDT
Room 410

Coverwallet is a multi-tenant insurance platform operating in multiple countries around the world. Two years ago Coverwallet was acquired by Aon, which led to a rapid expansion in the size and global presence of its engineering organization, along with growth in the product itself.

Hylke Alons will tell the success story from a technical view of a startup being acquired by a major enterprise. He’ll go through the changes that were necessary to meet their platform’s new expectations, including improving growth and scalability, all while ensuring reliability, automating security, and reducing maintenance.

This talk will focus on best practices for scaling up the engineering and product team to be able to handle demand in a complex and highly regulated product like insurance.