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Breaking Organizational Boundaries with Observability

Jeff Valeo

Jeff Valeo

Vice President of Engineering | dutchie

In rapidly growing industries, it’s not unheard of for companies to grow 100% year-over-year. Additionally, consolidation via mergers and acquisitions has only accelerated in recent years. This means there may be more “new employees” at a company versus “seasoned pros” with documentation becoming out of date almost weekly. For companies experiencing rapid growth plus multiple organizations coming together, a shared language ensures teams with different technologies, platforms, and experiences can easily reason about how a system is operating day to day.

Utilizing observability as this shared language is a powerful method for scaling an organization. SLOs help various teams tie system performance back to customer impact, regardless of the underlying technology. Furthermore, propagating traces between various, loosely integrated systems and standard metric naming conventions eases allows engineers from across organizational boundaries to more easily come together around a shared goal, ensuring a seamless customer experience.