by Datadog


Balena: Monitoring Fleet Health with the Datadog IoT Agent

David Tischler

David Tischler

Developer Advocate | Balena

At balena, we help developers build and deploy IoT projects to fleets of connected devices. Once those devices are out in the field, being able to quickly and easily gather device diagnostic information, logs, and other telemetry from them is critical to ensure devices are healthy and operating normally. Datadog’s new IoT Agent is a great, lightweight solution for resource-constrained IoT endpoints. When installed in a container and run alongside the device’s “regular” workload, balena customers gain added insight into the health of their devices, can go back and analyze anomalies, and can gain perspective on overall resource requirements for their applications and workloads. In this talk, we’ll cover the core concepts of:

  1. What is a Fleet?
  1. How do you add a Datadog IoT Agent container to a device?
  1. How do you interpret the data being gathered?

Thus the audience will come away with a basic understanding of why this is important for Edge and IoT production deployments, how to get started with balena + Datadog IoT Agent, and next steps they can take.