by Datadog

A Tale of Two System Crashes: Innovation and Accidental Chaos

July 17, 2019


Location: Pier 60, Oceanic


Bonnie Rhee

Software Engineer | Flatiron Health

As companies scale and the number of engineers increases, it is vital to invest in their tooling and infrastructure to maintain engineering velocity. At Flatiron Health, we saw our Real World Evidence teams grow from 12 to 26 engineers in a single year. This explosive growth highlighted our need for new processes and improved infrastructure.

In this session, we’ll follow what happened when we introduced brand new technology to maintain developer happiness and how, despite our rigorous release plan, the rollout caused issues ranging from exposing brittle ecosystems and processes, to causing internal server failures. We’ll talk about our missteps and mistakes, the lessons learned from this incident, and the introduction of a celebrated product.

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