by Datadog

Spotlight Theater

Iterating on Culture: Datadog's Journey Building Remote Configuration

Date & Location

June 26 | 2:00 PM EDT | Spotlight Theater - Room 501

Companies that build products have strong perspectives on their product’s relationship with customers. For Datadog, this meant building an observability platform that ingests all of your telemetry to provide valuable insights that enables teams to make the best decisions. But sometimes building the right things for customers means you have to reconsider your product philosophies and approaches as a company.

In this session, Datadog’s VP of Engineering David Mitchell will share the story of how the company challenged its own definition of observability and shifted from being a passive observer to becoming an active participant in the management of customers’ environments. He’ll discuss the cultural and usability hurdles that Datadog faced, and overcame, on the journey to introduce Remote Configuration. You’ll not only hear what this new capability has unlocked for Datadog’s platform and customers, but you’ll also get insights on how you can apply this approach to your own company to spark more product innovation.


by Datadog