by Datadog

2022 Voice of Partner Theater Presentations

Day 1 | Sponsored by MEGAZONECLOUD

How MEGAZONECLOUD is Winning Together with Customers

Tuesday, October 18th


Mintaek (Chris) Seo, Executive Vice President of Sales, MEGAZONECLOUD

In just two years since starting business with Datadog, MEGAZONECLOUD has grown 36 times over and become a multi-million-dollar MSP.

We support the entire customer journey with Datadog. We help protect against unexpected usage spikes, provide cost and usage guidance, give new features updates and product training, and deliver value-added services for customers. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to get hints on how we become the fastest-growing MSP in the world with sustainable customer success.

Day 1 | Sponsored by Sentry Software

OpenTelemetry and Sustainability: How Datadog and Sentry Software’s Stars Aligned

Tuesday, October 18th


Bertrand Martin, CEO, Sentry Software

Backed by two decades of development, Hardware Sentry is the most comprehensive hardware monitoring solution out there. Discover how the shift to OpenTelemetry allowed Sentry Software to natively integrate with Datadog, and how the Datadog Marketplace helped Sentry deliver the smoothest experience to Datadog users looking for IT hardware observability and sustainability.

Day 1 | Sponsored by RapDev

Level Up Your Datadog Partner Game

Tuesday, October 18th


Tameem Hourani, Solution Engineer

In this session, we’ll give a brief rundown of our learnings and best practices as a consistently successful Datadog partner. We’ll dive into what allows us to deliver the best solution and best service quality to our customers and what keeps them coming back. We’ll cover:

  • Our service principles (transparency, collaboration, and time-to-value)
  • People and competency investments
  • The drive to further the Datadog ecosystem