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Trailblazing Logs: How Square Cost-Optimized with Flex Logs & Used Advanced Analytics

Logs are crucial for ensuring the availability, security, compliance, and performance of modern ecosystems. However, deriving value from the petabytes of data becomes increasingly difficult and expensive as log volume continues to surge exponentially year over year. Flex Logs has stormed onto the scene, revolutionizing the way in which organizations store and analyze their logs at scale.


Join us in this session with Block, the financial services conglomerate of companies Square, CashApp, Afterpay, and more, to hear directly from their observability teams on how they used Flex Logs and Datadog’s advanced analytics to:

  • Consolidate their multiple log sources and tools into a single platform
  • Optimize their logging strategy at scale and flatten their cost curve
  • Reduce engineering hours spent on redundant, manual work

by Datadog