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Platform Talks

Simplify Migrations, Control Costs, and Protect Sensitive Data with Observability Pipelines

Date & Location

August 03 | 3:30 pm PDT | Platform Talks Theater in Partner Expo

As organizations scale, they often add more platforms and more tools to different environments, leading to a continuous increase year over year in the volume of logs, metrics, and traces emitted across their systems.Managing this observability data can become an unwieldy problem: logs, metrics, and traces need to be sent to multiple destinations for any number of reasons, but there’s often no good way to preprocess or manage the volumes, quality, and security of the data in a centrally governed way. This session will cover how Observability Pipelines makes it possible for IT and security teams at enterprise organizations to process massive volumes of data in their own infrastructure before sending to any destination. Specifically, we’ll cover how Observability Pipelines can help your teams:• Migrate and manage data from a central control plane for telemetry pipelines and remote configuration• Control costs by sending only valuable and interesting data for investigation • Protect sensitive data and stay compliant with Sensitive Data Scanner• Simplify your log management strategy by providing the flexibility to dual-ship logs

by Datadog