by Datadog

Observability Theater

Presented by LaunchDarkly: Observability and What Comes After a Feature Releases

Date & Location

August 03 | 12:30 pm PDT | Observability Theater

Software releases get a lot of attention, but anyone who’s worked on a platform team knows that the scariest time is the first couple of hours after the release.

This is the time when teams are forced to wait on standby for something to go wrong, requiring all hands on deck to resolve whatever issue has come up. Feature flags give us a way to mitigate that risk through granular feature control - but it typically requires manual intervention. What if you could use Datadog alongside LaunchDarkly to create self-healing releases, and improve your applications’ resiliency?

In this session, learn how you can use LaunchDarkly and feature flags alongside Datadog to handle “What Comes After…” Bring observability into your feature release process and gain not just visibility into your features, but automate recovery, and reduce 2am outage calls.

by Datadog