by Datadog

Observability Theater

Presented by Cortex: What Developers Want From Internal Developer Portals

Date & Location

August 03 | 1:00 pm PDT | Observability Theater

In the last 5 years, we’ve watched the world’s fastest growing engineering teams ditch development monoliths in favor of service-oriented architectures that speed time to market. And as microservices multiplied—making it harder to track ownership and quality—Internal Developer Portals emerged to help. But while the prospect of a single portal for developer productivity sounds enticing, veteran leaders know the perception of “one more tool” can make org-wide adoption challenging. In this talk, we’ll share what developers need (and want) from their developer platforms, and use the Internal Developer Portal, Cortex, to show what engineering leaders can do to maximize adoption in a way that increases productivity, accountability, and quality of work. Cortex is an internal developer portal that helps engineering teams build a culture of continuous improvement. Catalog service and resource information, enforce standards with templated frameworks, and incentivize continual improvement through customizable scorecards that grade service quality by production readiness, compliance alignment, code coverage, and more.

by Datadog