by Datadog

Observability Theater

Presented by Cortex: Production Readiness 2.0 - Continuous Readiness

Date & Location

June 26 | 2:00 PM EDT | Observability Theater

In this 15-minute session, Ganesh Datta, co-founder and CTO of Cortex, will explain through real-world use cases how teams can adopt metric scorecards to reduce meetings and streamline releases using data and automation.

The criteria required to release a service to production, is a mandatory component of software delivery. Teams must align on quality criteria, such as code coverage and open issues, and other standards. Aligning to these standards becomes more challenging, especially when standards need to be bypassed or changed. Systems always drift, and software that met these requirements 6 months ago may not still be meeting them today – so can they still be considered ready for production?

In lieu of elegant solutions for these problems, teams resort to giant pre-production checklists, or other time-consuming practices which are brittle. Cortex has pioneered the scorecard which drives engineering initiatives using gamification, and helps teams align on readiness standards. Cortex unblocks your engineers by ingesting and aggregating data from the systems that engineers would check manually. Providing a mechanism to evaluate scorecards across teams, meetings can be eliminated and readiness checks transformed from a manual process to a visible target.  

by Datadog