by Datadog

Observability Theater

Presented by Cloudflare: Visualize and Analyze Zero Trust Logs with Datadog and Cloudflare

Join our session to explore how Datadog, in partnership with Cloudflare, improves security analysis by providing powerful visualizations and data-driven insights. Discover how this integration helps organizations tackle alert fatigue, accelerate triage processes, and optimize their security posture.

Harness the power of automated Zero Trust logs through Datadog, streamlining the number of alerts security analysts receive. Seamlessly integrate security and network data to gain high-fidelity insights, making triage more efficient. Leverage visualizations and trend analysis to understand anomalous activity and enhance security and network performance over time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how Datadog and Cloudflare’s technologies empower organizations to modernize security analysis and unlock actionable intelligence.

by Datadog