by Datadog

Observability Theater

Monitor Container-Native Technologies Across Your Stack with Datadog Integrations

Date & Location

June 26 | 4:30 PM EDT | Observability Theater

The mainstream adoption of containerized infrastructure has sparked a rise in using container-native tools, which has fundamentally changed how organizations build, deploy, and scale their cloud applications. Enterprise tech stacks are evolving to seamlessly include service meshes, pod-provisioning tools, and Kubernetes-native CI/CD providers. These kinds of container-native technologies benefit from the scalability and simplicity of deploying code in containerized infrastructure. However, they also introduce unique challenges in monitoring, like visualizing resource allotment in ephemeral environments or tracking load distributions between microservices. Join us in this session as we explore Datadog’s comprehensive suite of integrations for container-native technologies across all areas of the tech stack. We will walk through real-world examples that show how you can harness the power of the Datadog platform to gain visibility into the health and performance of tools you currently use to run your containerized applications. You will learn practical strategies for using these integrations to address monitoring blindspots for popular and container-native technologies including:- service mesh and proxies such as Istio or Envoy- continuous delivery providers like ArgoCD or Tekton- message broker operators like Strimzi - networking and security platforms like Cilium or Calico- resource-provisioning tools like Karpenter or Cluster Autoscaler

by Datadog