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Lightning Onboarding and Full Trace Queries: Introducing the Next Generation of Distributed Tracing

Date & Location

August 03 | 5:00 pm PDT | Platform Talks Theater in Partner Expo

Distributed tracing plays a key role in helping software engineers and SREs understand service dependencies and detect bottlenecks and errors in distributed systems. However, similar to the complex nature of microservices environments, implementing and querying traces traditionally poses a few challenges. First, in order to set it up, operations and development teams depend on one another to install an agent on their hosts and a tracing library in their code. This could slow down time-to-value and hinder comprehensive coverage of all applications and services, resulting in monitoring gaps. Second, querying and analyzing end-to-end transactions by individual spans occasionally lacks critical business context and makes it difficult to determine causal relationships between services.Join this session to learn how the next generation of Datadog Distributed Tracing addresses these common challenges with one-step APM onboarding and full trace queries. You’ll also learn how the new onboarding experience with the Datadog Agent simplifies and speeds up the setup process of Datadog APM by removing the need for manual instrumentation and cross-team collaboration. In addition, we’ll explore how full trace queries can now help you slice and dice distributed traces by multiple spans and attributes using boolean logic. Lastly, we’ll demonstrate how this new capability allows you to focus on the most critical request paths and accelerate your root cause analysis. Overall, this session will demonstrate how these features result in faster time-to-value and an improved understanding of microservice dependencies and behavior.

by Datadog