by Datadog

Platform Talks

Introducing API Monitoring and Beyond

Date & Location

August 03 | 4:30 pm PDT | Platform Talks Theater in Partner Expo

APIs serve as the backbone for modern applications, and maintaining comprehensive insights into their usage, performance, and health is vital for organizations. However, the challenge lies in effectively understanding, monitoring, and governing complex API estates. In this session, we’ll introduce API monitoring with Datadog API Catalog—an easy-to-use solution that provides SREs and application-support teams a single view and entry point into exploring the performance, reliability, and ownership of the APIs they expose to customers.Learn how API monitoring will help you better understand endpoint ownership for quicker triaging during incidents, and empower API owners to ensure their APIs are delivering maximum business value by correlating trends in API performance with adoption and revenue. We’ll also look at how Datadog ASM is extending coverage to provide complete visibility into an API’s security posture, highlighting at-risk endpoints to enable security teams to quickly mitigate the threat.You’ll leave with a greater understanding of how you can pave the way for innovation, and reliability, and an exceptional developer experience in your API-driven ecosystem.

by Datadog