by Datadog

Observability Theater

How to Optimize Your Logs with On-Premise Log Pipelines

When it comes to managing large volumes of logs coming from different sources, organizations must navigate complex tradeoffs between flexibility, costs, and control. Without the ability to pre-process logs on-premise, teams inadvertently become locked into vendor ecosystems, face substantial network costs and processing fees, and run the risk of sensitive data leakage.

In this session, we’ll discuss how Datadog Observability Pipelines helps you to quickly and easily customize log processing in your own environment. We’ll show you how to:


  • Reduce log volumes and control costs with filtering, sampling, deduplication and more in your own environment
  • Increase vendor flexibility by easily collecting and routing logs from different sources to different destinations
  • Prevent sensitive data leaks and comply with data residency laws with on-premise log redaction


You’ll also hear from RapDev experts who will share best practices and insights from helping hundreds of organizations to optimize their logging use cases.


by Datadog