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Observability Theater

From Setup to Remediation in Minutes: Quickly Instrument Services and Fix Root Causes with Datadog APM

Date & Location

June 25 | 12:30 PM EDT | Observability Theater

Distributed tracing, a key component of application performance monitoring (APM), plays a major role in helping dev and ops teams understand service dependencies and detect errors and performance bottlenecks in complex systems. However, the distributed nature and scale of modern applications can make it challenging to implement and glean useful information from traces quickly and effectively. Furthermore, as requests traverse the many different parts of your stack, pinpointing root causes can be grueling without the right context.Join this session to learn how customers are using Datadog APM and Distributed Tracing to address these challenges. We will demonstrate how you can analyze problematic traces across any set of attributes or relationships to identify the source of errors or latency, as well as understand their impact on endpoints and users. In addition, you will see how to seamlessly correlate application telemetry with critical context from across your systems, including ownership, and quickly resolve issues using automated workflows.You will walk away from this session understanding how you can quickly set up or extend application monitoring in minutes by instrumenting new services directly through the Datadog Agent or user interface without making code changes or interrupting application developers’ day-to-day workflows.

by Datadog