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Five Ways to Accelerate and Automate DevOps Processes with Datadog AppBuilder

Date & Location

June 25 | 2:30 PM EDT | Solution Stage

In the evolving landscape of IT operations, DevOps, SRE, and security teams face increasing challenges from the expanding tech stack and the escalating volume of alerts and threats. These challenges include lengthy resolution times and inefficient processes—from the initial identification of issues to the execution of remediation steps. Manual processes not only consume valuable time during critical situations but also elevate the risk of human error, further compounding delays. Additionally, navigating the multiple tools and systems needed to identify and respond to problems complicates and slows down the remediation process.In this session we will show you five ways to add automation to your DevOps processes while ensuring better collaboration to turn your observability insights into action with Datadog. Datadog App Builder is a low-code solution for rapidly developing and integrating customized applications into your monitoring stack– built to accelerate remediation at scale. Together with Datadog’s Teams product and role-based access control (RBAC) capabilities, organizations can improve collaboration with self-service tools that any team can use. You will also learn how to integrate Workflow Automation to trigger complex workflows with the click of a button.We will look at how you can build apps to handle five practical use cases to:- Accelerate your remediation by closing the loop with apps- Centralize the management your third-party services within Datadog - Deepen your investigations with more data sources and cuts- Empower other teams to self-serve with apps adapted to their needs- Provide more custom visualizations to your company stakeholders

by Datadog