by Datadog

Observability Theater

Best Practices for Monitoring and Tracing Serverless Applications

Date & Location

August 02 | 1:00 pm PDT | Observability Theater

Serverless technologies transformed how businesses approach application development, and they have continued to grow in popularity to become a standard part of most organizations’ tool set. As the serverless ecosystem matures, more distinct and specialized tools and compute platforms have evolved to meet the unique workflow needs of developers. At the same time, serverless applications face new challenges for monitoring—instead of system-level data from hosts, you need insights into function-level performance and usage, like cold starts, throttles, and concurrency. In this session, we will discuss key trends in the serverless landscape from the State of Serverless Report 2023 and how you can adopt modern monitoring practices with Datadog to gain comprehensive visibility into the performance of your serverless applications. You will learn how to take serverless monitoring to the next level with native distributed tracing for all runtimes across your AWS, Azure, and GCP workloads to ensure your applications stay reliable, secure, and cost-effective.

by Datadog