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Axis Communications' Best Practices for Monitoring, Debugging, and Optimizing Serverless Applications

Serverless architectures have quickly become a commonly used approach in tech stacks across global companies. With this growing adoption, customers are also becoming more familiar with the challenges of troubleshooting serverless workloads. Deploying and debugging serverless apps pose unique challenges such as cold starts, differing tools used for instrumentation, and distributed or short-lived resources. 

In this session, come learn how a Datadog customer, Axis, is tackling these challenges. They will share their journey to serverless and the key learnings for monitoring their workloads.  

We will share:

  • Axis’ best practices for monitoring, debugging, and optimizing high error rates, spikes in latency, and cold starts 
  • How Axis’s engineering team gained cross-team synergy and reduced their time to troubleshoot from 2 days to 5 minutes
  • Our latest feature launches in Datadog Serverless monitoring

by Datadog