by Datadog

Platform Talks

Achieve Unparalleled Scalability and Cost Optimization with Flexible Indexing for Log Management

Date & Location

August 03 | 3:00 pm PDT | Platform Talks Theater in Partner Expo

Join us for a session on Datadog Log Management as we unveil a game-changing solution that decouples storage and compute, delivering unparalleled scalability, cost optimization, and operational efficiency. Gain insights into managing large-scale volumes of logs and discover how different sources of logs have varying needs for retention and query performance and frequency. In this session, you’ll learn how our innovative approach solves the pain of re-indexing and searching for historical data, while empowering you to use logs as a source of analytics and insights. Through use-case walkthroughs, we’ll demonstrate the flexibility of our solution, which involves strategically storing your logs as “hot” and “warm.” Lastly, you’ll gain insights into our product roadmap and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

by Datadog