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Platform Talks

Accelerate Troubleshooting and Remediation with Datadog AIOps

Date & Location

August 02 | 3:00 pm PDT | Platform Talks Theater in Partner Expo

Modern IT environments are complex, with interconnected systems, applications, and infrastructure. Within this complexity teams receive a myriad of alerts and change notices from various sources. The volume of these events can quickly become overwhelming for an organization, particularly as they expand their teams, implement additional tools, and introduce new systems. Without proper correlation and contextualization, teams are left with isolated views on problems, leading to prolonged detection and resolution times. In this session, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot problems more effectively using Event Management and Watchdog’s AI-powered correlation capabilities. This allows you to consolidate Datadog and third-party events into a small number of manageable cases, enabling your teams to obtain a unified view that provides the full context of a problem. You’ll also learn how to accelerate issue resolution with Watchdog-based root cause analysis and Workflow Automation. Join us to see how Datadog’s AIOps capabilities help accelerate troubleshooting and remediation, so that you can proactively tackle issues before they cascade into outages.

by Datadog