Tickets are sold out!

by Datadog

Need to encourage your manager to send you to Dash? We’ve got you covered!

Just edit this template email and share it with whomever needs convincing.

Subject: Hands-on training to help us scale & improve performance

Hi [insert name],
I would like to attend the upcoming conference Dash, which is hosted by Datadog. The conference will feature workshops, talks and learnings from other companies on building and scaling the next generation of applications, infrastructure, and technical teams. Dash is taking place in NYC on July 16 and 17.

I think this would be an excellent opportunity to learn strategies, tips, and tricks that would help our team be more productive and solve [insert a specific challenge or two that your team is facing].

If I register by July 2, tickets are only $549. Here are some of the conference highlights that I think will be most valuable to our efforts:

Keynotes and technical sessions in four tracks:

  1. Performance: Focused on building faster applications and systems that deliver better user experiences.
  2. Scaling Systems: Companies share how they’re architecting their applications and infrastructure of the future.
  3. Teams: Focusing on scaling teams while adding new members, managing work, mentoring teammates, building processes, and growing culture.
  4. Transformations & Case Studies: Success stories on the challenges organizations face over time and how to adapt and evolve technical systems to solve them.

Workshops: I’ll get hands-on training with new technologies

Expo hall: I can explore the latest offerings from cutting-edge technology and service providers and get expert answers to all of our monitoring questions

Networking: I’ll learn how peers at other companies have overcome some of the challenges we face

I'll have the opportunity to meet the Datadog team, hear new announcements, preview the 2019-2020 roadmap, and network with other technologists at companies who are facing challenges similar to ours.

If I register by July 2, tickets are only $549. More details are on the Dash website.

Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional information.


[Insert your name]