We appreciate your interest in presenting at DASH. We are looking for technical stories about the interesting and innovative work that you and your team are doing. Please submit the form below and we will review your submission.

The CFP will be open January 16 through April 5. All presentations will be live and in person, in New York City on June 26. Sessions are 40 minutes, but we recommend your presentation take 25-30 minutes, with the remainder for Q&A.

To help guide submissions, we have the following talk tracks:


Performance and Efficiency

There are many ways to improve application performance, but they can often lead to increased system complexity and costs. Tell us your story of improving performance and delivering better user experiences, without breaking the bank.

Scaling Systems

Modern systems and the data they produce have grown exponentially. Tell us your story of how you've scaled your systems to meet business demands and how you manage the growth.

Security and Compliance

With cyber attacks a constant concern and new threats being discovered daily, security has become everyone's responsibility. Share your experiences and advice for instilling security at every stage of the software development lifecycle.


Producing performant and scalable software is only possible by building high performing, scalable teams. The human side of our technical work is always difficult, so we want to hear about your process and practices and how you've successfully enabled teams to do their best work.

Transformation and Case Studies (Business and Technical)

Organizations and technical systems aren't static. As we encounter new challenges, we have to adapt our approach and our technologies to solve them. Share your first-hand experience of technical and organizational evolutions and revolutions so that others can follow your success (or avoid your mistakes).


AI is showing up everywhere, and while it enables improved experiences for users, the technical work to implement it can be daunting. Tell us about the tools and processes you've used to successfully harness the power of AI in your organization.

Surprise Us

If you have an interesting story that doesn't quite fit the themes above, we'd still love to hear it!

To get a better idea of the types of talks we're looking for, take a look at the sessions from Dash 2023.

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